Ayurvedic Massage

In Sanskrit, the word for oleation- oil massage – is Snehan, which is the same word as for motherly love.

Warm, herbal oils embrace our skin like a layer of protection, love and care and through the traditional techniques of massage, the medicinal properties of the oils are worked through the skin and into the circulatory and nervous system.

The ayurvedic massage therapist enhances this by focusing on positive thoughts and “good wishes” for the client during the massage.

Different types of oil therapies and massages are available in my home practice in Piercestown, Wexford, by appointment and after an initial short consultation.

Please be ensured that the room and all equipment is cleaned thoroughly before/after each appointment.

Please contact me via email sunshineyogawexford@gmail.com or phone 0861594508



In accordance with ayurvedic principles, the client is first assessed for his or her individual constitution and possible symptoms or disorders in a short consultation.

Then the massage therapy is designed specifically for the client, with the goal to restore balance and relieve symptoms. To achieve this, specific, warmed and medicated, traditionally processed herbal oils are applied using specific Ayurvedic techniques of massage.

Oil treatments & massages are usually aimed at rebalancing the doshas and strengthening the nervous system and circulation. The oils are applied very liberally and are of a very high quality and infused with a variety of traditional ayurvedic or western herbs, so they can work through the skin, directly into the blood and nervous system without having to go through digestive processes.


There 107 Marma points in the body, areas of concentrated activity, where the different different types of tissue meet and create a particular current of energy. The pathway of communication through the merging tissues can be disturbed by blockages, hindering the free flow of energy. Similar (but not identical) to the acupuncture points in traditional Chinese medicine, manipulating these Marma points can help to stimulate the flow of energy and bring balance back to the body. 

Chakras are larger areas of heightened activity mostly along the spine, where nerve bundles branch out into nerve plexuses. According to tantric scripture there are 7 main Chakras, 5 of them along the spine, 2 of them connected to the brain. A subtle stimulation of these areas can encourage better movement of energy, which can have a profound effect on the body as well as on the mind. 


Pinda Sweda is the application of hot rice poultices infused with herbs, to induce sweating and remove toxins from the body. It helps to draw heat to the surface of the body. It is also a great practice to relieve pain caused by muscular tension or arthritis. It helps to improve water retention and blood circulation and soothes the nerves. 


Shiro Dhara is a powerful treatment of the head. A continuous stream of warm, medicated oil is released on to the most important Marma/Chakra area of the head. Stimulation of Sthapani Marma and Ajna Chakra (the third eye) also has a direct influence on the pineal and pituitary glands. The treatment induces a profound state of peace and tranquility while at the same time enhances concentration and alertness of the mind. It is recommended for disorders and imbalances of the mind, including stress, depression, anger and other mental health disorders. 


Ubtan is a traditional ayurvedic facial treatment. A face massage is given with an oil suitable for the clients skin type. Then a herbal steam bath is applied to open pores. Finally a face pack of herbs (according to the clients constitution) is applied. To finish, a herbal cream or face oil is applied on the skin. This is a wonderful treatment to make you feel rejuvenated and glowing. 


Nasya oil is a traditional medicated oil that is applied (after massage and steam treatment) into the nostrils. It opens respiratory pathways and clears sinuses. It also helps to clear the mind and refreshen the senses. 


After preparation with massage, warm medicated oil or Sesame oil is pooled into a ring of chickpea flour and placed on to an area of the back. This treatment is helpful for pain.

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  • Back treatment – Ayurvedic massage and Pinda Sweda  60 min – 70 euro
  • Full body ayurvedic massage 60 min – 70 euro
  • Full body ayurvedic massage & Shiro Dhara  90 min – 100 euro
  • Full body treatment – Ayurvedic full body massage including head & face and Pinda Sweda – 120 euro
  • Head & Face Marma Massage 60 min, 60 euro
  • Shiro Dhara with foot Massage 60 min 80 Euro
  • Ubtan Facial treatment 60 min 70 euro
  • Nasya treatment 45 min 50 euro

Treatments can be tailored to your individual needs. Please feel free to call/email for more information.

„I have been attending Sandra’s classes on and off now for a few years. I find her to be an amazing teacher: passionate, holistic and knowledgeable. So when I heard that Sandra was offering Ayurveda treatments I was thrilled and promptly made an appointment. After initial consultation Sandra determined that I was predominantly pitta and prescribed Indian herbs and a rather rigorous diet. I know that some people find this particular diet challenging but I tolerated it without difficulty. Within a few days I felt heat leaving my body. On day 10 I cleansed (quite literally!!). My body felt lighter, my head clearer and I had more energy. A few weeks later on a second visit Sandra modified my diet and gave me different herbs, this time to balance Vata. I also had a fabulous full body massage. Since starting these treatments I have experienced real change. I am now vegetarian-not because I planned to be but because my body wants to nourish itself differently. While I have done and continue to do many things to maintain my health and wellbeing I have no doubt about the real changes that Ayurveda has brought me to and for that I am very grateful. 🙂🙌🙂Thank you Sandra Hayes.“

Brenda Harkin