Ayurvedic Consultations


How can Ayurveda benefit you?

Ayurveda is an ancient, holistic medical system based on the science (Veda) of Life (Ayu).

The reason it has held it’s place for over 5000 years and is fast growing and gaining recognition in the mainstream health services of many countries (it is also fully supported by the WHO as a medical system) is that it is hugely effective in preventing and often even reversing disease, particularly chronic diseases.

As opposed to mainstream, allopathic medicine, which is very effective in treating symptoms and offering emergency treatments for acute conditions and injuries, Ayurveda looks to the root of the disease. In finding out what has caused the disease in the first place, and removing these causes, balance can be re-established, thus allowing the body to heal itself.

It is can be highly effective for disorders like

– eczema/skin conditions

– weight issues

– digestive disorders/ food intolerances

– pain, fatigue, low energy levels

– hormonal imbalances

– arthritis and inflammatory disorders

– women‘s disorders

– frequent infections/low immunity

– diabetes (type 2)

– mental health/addiction issues


An Ayurvedic consultation consists of an in depth analysis of your disorder and your current lifestyle and history.

You will then be provided with an individualised diet plan and lifestyle advice as well as recommendations for herbal or massage treatments (where appropriate) that are aimed at detoxifying, nourishing and recreating balance in your body and mind.

Consultations are always private and confidential and are available in person or online. To book, please contact me via email sunshineyogawexford@gmail.com or call 0861594508


Initial Consultation

A 1 hour long ayurvedic consultation, including dietary & lifestyle advice and recommendations of treatments.


Follow up consultation

A half hour ayurvedic consultation for those who already are on a treatment plan.