Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurvedic consultations are available in person or online. To book, please contact me via email sunshineyogawexford@gmail.com or call 0861594508

An Ayurvedic consultation consists of an in depth analysis of any current disorder you may be experiencing in your life.

During this time I will ask you questions about your symptoms, your lifestyle, diet, digestion, background etc and observe your physical signs in order to find out where the cause of your imbalances lies.

I will then analyse your case and provide you with an individualised diet plan and lifestyle advice as well as recommendations for herbal or massage treatments where appropriate.

Ayurveda can rebalance the whole system and create better conditions for your body to heal itself. A combination of diet & lifestyle adjustments, herbal remedies and/or oil treatments can help with conditions like

– eczema/skin conditions

– weight issues

– digestive disorders/ food intolerances

– pain, fatigue, low energy levels

– hormonal imbalances

– arthritis and inflammatory disorders

– women‘s disorders

– frequent infections/low immunity

– diabetes (type 2)

A consultation is always private and confidential.

Introductory cost is 60 Euro (takes approximately 1 hour)

Follow up consultation 30 Euro (ca 1/2 hour)