These are the questions I get asked most frequently:
What should I wear?

– wear comfortable, stretchy clothes like yoga pants, cotton leggings or tracksuit pants. –
– Wear clothes that allow for a lot of movement and don’t make you feel self conscious (for example a t-Shirt that is too loose to stay in place when you are upside down or shorts that are revealing more than you are comfortable with when you are in inverted postures).
– Barefoot is best but if you prefer to keep your feet covered, get non slip yoga socks or wear dance socks or leg warmers (with bare heel) so you won’t slip.
– Don’t wear restrictive clothes like jeans or tights.
– Don’t wear perfume in class
What do I need to bring?
– If you have your own mat, bring it. If not, don’t worry, there are mats there for you to use.
– Bring a towel in case you get sweaty.
– drinking water during the practice is not encouraged as we a) don’t want to cool down the system but keep the heat in the body and b) don’t want to interrupt the flow of the practice so you don’t need to bring water unless you will need it before or after. Just be sure you stay hydrated appropriately during the day and there will be no need for water during practice.
– For Yin yoga only: although there is no real need for it but it can make the practice particularly enjoyable if you have a bolster or bigger pillow so bring what you think might help you – if you feel like it!
What’s the etiquette in class?

– be there a few min early so that you are ready to begin with us on time.
– Pay your class fee or present your class card at the start of class.
– If you do need to be late (which can happen of course), come in quietly and put out your mat discreetly and without disturbing the other practitioners.
– Please don’t wear perfumes or use aerosol sprays in class. A small amount of natural essential oils is fine if you like – we are practicing deep breathing so basically don’t use anything that you wouldn’t want to use in a steam inhaler.
– If you are using the mats provided by me, please wipe them down afterwards. There is a basket with organic cleaner and rags you can use. When you are done please roll the mat up tightly (don’t fold it) and put it back into the box.
– If you are pregnant or have any injuries or conditions that might restrict your practice, it is important that you let me know. You can do that in private via email or phone if you prefer.


How do class cards work?
– you can buy a 5 class card for 40 euro, which means you get one class free (or each class is 8 euro instead of 10)
– You have 2 months to use up the card
– You can use the card for all drop in classes. For other classes (courses & workshops) talk to me first.
– If I cancel any classes or if there are holidays during the 2 months you can add that time to your card.
– Don’t assume a card is valid after the date but if you need more time because you are away on holiday or because of sickness, talk to me about it within a reasonable amount of time.
How do courses and workshops work?
– courses (both kids and adults) are only available as a package. We will work progressively over a number of weeks with a limited number of participants. If you are not sure about wanting to commit, try a drop in class first (adults only)
– If you have to miss a class during the course you can make it up by taking one of the drop in classes instead during the time the course is running.
– To book for a course or workshop you need to pay a deposit of 10 euro. This will secure your place and ensure that nobody else is taking your spot and is not refundable.


I am pregnant. Can I come to class?
– if you have been a seasoned Ashtanga practitioner and your doctor clears you there is no reason you couldn’t continue the practice (with a few modifications added) at least for some time.
– During pregnancy and lactation your body will release relaxins- hormones that will soften your ligaments in order to prepare you for birth. It is easy to overstretch during this time so take your practice to only about 70% of your usual.
– With your growing belly your need to modify will also grow and the practice can significantly change during this time.
– If you’ve never done yoga before, or have very little experience, Ashtanga Yoga is not where you should start when you are pregnant. It’s better to find a good pregnancy yoga teacher instead.

I have an injury, can I come to class?
– it depends on your injury as well as on your understanding of the practice and of your body.

– If you do join you will need to be cleared by your doctor.
– You will need to modify as appropriate for you.

– consider a private class where your practice can be tailored for your specific needs.

I don‘t have the energy to do a full practice. Can I just do a part of it?
– of course! No practice is ever the exact same and you are encouraged to make it your own. Ideally, let me know so I can suggest to you how to best shorten the practice without loosing the flow.
I have practiced Ashtanga Yoga for some time now, would the introduction course still benefit me?
– yes, I believe going back to basics once in a while benefits everyone. You will be able to focus on details you may have overlooked before.
– During the course we will learn about the philosophy and theory behind the postures so if you are not familiar with this I would definitely recommend taking the course, no matter how accomplished you are on a physical level.
– During my teacher training with David Collins we were asked to join the beginners course more than once and all of us found great benefit in doing so.
I am not very flexible. Is Ashtanga Yoga for me?
– this is like saying “I am not very clean, would taking a shower be for me?” Of course – Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone of any shape and ability.
“Anyone can practice. Young man can practice. Old
man can practice. Very old man can practice. Man
who is sick, he can practice. Man who doesn’t have
strength can practice. Except lazy people; lazy people
can’t practice Ashtanga yoga.” K. Pattabhi Jois